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Racing Minds

ABC Radio National broadcast an excellent interview about Adult ADHD with Dr. Caroline Stevenson, Clinical Psychologist, NSW, and Dr Craig Surman, Associate Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School.

A summary of this interview, and reference to Dr. Surman's work in Adult ADHD Research, will appear in our next newsletter.

For the moment here is a link to the program:

Fact Sheets on Adult ADHD

ADDults with ADHD sends out several Information Packs every week to people who contact the Helpline looking for information or referral to a professional. It is one of the valuable assets that our organisation has found very effective in educating the community. You may have seen some of the material on an information table at one of our Annual Conferences or at an Awareness Afternoon.

The fact sheets are often reviewed to ensure that they remain up-to-date, relevant and authoritative.

This year through sponsorship from Eli Lilly Australia we have been able to give a few of them a highly professional makeover. The first two facts sheets – About Adult ADHD and Treating Adult ADHD - have been completed. Two further titles in the same format will be completed over the next couple of months.


Northern Beaches ADHD Support Group

A parent run support group for parents of children or teenagers with ADHD will be meeting Mondays at the Mona Vale Memorial Hall, 1606 Pittwater Road, Mona Vale. Parents can chat, exchange notes, and discuss their experiences with other parents. For more info such as meeting times and upcoming guest speakers please visit:


ASPIA's 10th Anniversary Celebration


Asperger Syndrome Partner Information Australia(ASPIA) will be celebrating it's 10th Anniversary on Saturday June 1st 2013. It will take place at the College of Nursing, 14 Railway Parade in Burwood(Sydney). The event will include lunch and a presentation by psychologist Jennifer Bostock-Ling. Those wishing to attend should RSVP no later than May 25th. For more information please visit:

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