City2Surf - Support ADDults with ADHD with your participation

Your support means a lot to us, so we want to let you know that there is another great opportunity to continue to make a difference by competing for ADDults with ADHD at the upcoming Sun-Herald City2Surf, presented by Westpac.

By creating an online supporter page for ADDults with ADHD as part of your participation in the City2Surf, you can help us raise money.

The City2Surf is the world’s largest run, and in 2014 raised over $4.5 million for charity.

Remember you don't have to RUN. Walkers are very welcome too! This is a healthy and fun way to help us and you.


Exercise, Sport and ADHD

"Exercise is good for all of us. Not only does it add to our health and well being, but striving to be physically fit teaches us many other skills as well. For the child or adult with ADHD, exercise and sports can help reinforce teamwork, discipline, cooperation, and how to work toward a goal. Plus, physical activity often increases self-esteem and satisfaction with life." (CHADDarticle on Exercise, Sport and ADHD)

Doing it with thousands of other people like in the Sun-Herald City2Surf presented by Westpac can be an amazing experience. Having the goal to complete the City2Surf even just walking can provide an incentive to do the preparation and build up fitness on a daily or weekly basis.



Apps for ADHD Minds

An interesting article from ADDitude Mag: Use the power of these smartphone apps to manage ADHD symptoms ranging from distractibility and disorganization to poor sleep and overflowing creativity. More Focus, Less Distraction


Health Canada : "The benefits of medication outweigh the risks"

Health Canada, according to a recent article by The Star, has issued “stronger, clearer” warnings about the suicide risks linked to a wider range of ADHD medication. This was motivated by the regulator’s reviewing of reports, filed to the Canadian federal government by doctors, nurses, patients and drug companies, which outlined the suspected side-effects of the medication. These involved, “thoughts of suicide, suicide attempts, and in a very small number of cases, completed suicide”, which showed up during different stages of the treatment, particularly at the start, during dose changes, or when drug treatment was stopped.


World ADHD Congress Bid

Murdoch Childrens Research Institute in Melbourne, has put in a bid for the 2019 World Congress on ADHD to be held in Australia, with Melbourne the host city.

The 5th World congress in Glasgow is in May this year, when the bid will be announced.

Both ADDults with ADHD and ADHD Australia wrote letters in support of the bid.

This year the World Congress on ADHD is being held in Glasgow, Scotland from May 28 - 31, 2015.

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