Sydney ADHD Meetup Group 2019

Maintaining friendships and planning social time can be hard if you have ADHD. Mixing and meeting like-minded people is a vital aspect of building a healthy, happy, ADHD life.

The group is promoted by the ADHD Helpline. Sydney ADHD Meetup Goup also cross-promotes ADDults with ADHD’s events including Awareness Days and the Annual Conference. In 2019 there were six formal meetups.

The Meetup Group is volunteer run, not-for-profit and free to join. Members enjoy social activities, relax, get together and discuss their experiences, ideas and exchange information.

Membership has grown significantly in 2017. There are 239 members currently, approx. 25% actively participate and attend different get-togethers in any given month. Average meetup attendance is between 6 and 15 people.

Garry Finney

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