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Few of us experience ADHD as a “gift” and most of us know it’s downside. But ADHD comes with traits that other people wish they had such as creativity, high energy, and intense focus. These traits can be extremely useful, and when that happens, a kind of superpower.

Many adults with ADHD live full, productive lives. Countless highly successful men and women in all areas of life have also succeeded. There are challenges, but by using the strengths and managing the pitfalls you can thrive. 

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Leading Australian experts will provide ADHD information, strategies and tips. Attendees will learn fresh ways to create a better ADHD life. 


A snapshot of two speakers in this year's big conference line-up.  

Dr AMANDA MULLIN. Clinical Psychologist

Dr Amanda Mullin, MAPS, FCCLP, is a Doctor of Clinical Psychology. She has also completed extended training at the Macquarie University Centre for Emotional Health, a world leading research clinic specialising in the causes effective treatments of anxiety disorders.

Working with both adults and children, she has a particular interest in holistic health and the treatment of emotional problems, mood/anxiety disorders, trauma, stress management, sleep problems and ADHD. 

Dr Amanda will lead you on a discovery session where she explains exactly what Emotional Intelligence. You will gain a deeper understanding of the specific problems with emotional regulation posed by your ADHD. She will also explore common emotional triggers and provide some useful take home skills. 

Dr PETER HOEY. Adult Psychiatrist

Has a background of family experience with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, has a particular interest in patients with it, and how medication and psychological treatments intersect. 

Dr Peter will talk about how ADHD generally shows a better response to treatment than most other psychiatric disorders.  He will also explore some biological and psychological underpinnings of ADHD. Understanding these gives power to people affected by ADHD.

More speaker details here.

Other speaker topics include: ADHD, ADHD Coexisting Conditions, Building a Life on ADHD’s Strengths, ADHD - Why It's So Treatable, Emotional Regulation and Resilience, ADHD Coaching versus Counselling, ADHD Management, ADHD Positives, Tips for Managing ADHD Challenges (e.g. Work/Home) 



Continuing the Research - What Happens to Attention in ADHD

Last Saturday 7th September Dr Alison (Sally) Poulton led one of the biggest, most exiting ADHD Awareness Afternoons we have ever run.

ADDults with ADHD is proud to have hosted this contribution to research into finding a better way to explain the experience of ADHD to others, finding an analogy or illustration that:
  • people with ADHD can relate to, and
  • people who don't have ADHD can better understand

If you didn't get a chance to attend the event or make your contribution, it is not too late.

Sally has written: "I'm very happy to get more information from more people answering the questions:

  • "What happens with your attention when you try to work, study or fill in a form?"
  • "Can you think of any device or picture that illustrates how your brain functions?"

You can email your answers to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

 Dr Poulson plans to publish the results of assembling and analysing all the ideas generously provided. On Saturday she told all assembled that the next step might be to publish the illustrations that arise from the analysis and seek feedback on them.

ADDults with ADHD looks forward to supporting this next step in due course. Stay tuned. 

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