ADHD & SLEEP: ADHD Awareness Afternoon On Soon

ADHD is linked with a variety of sleep problems. The ADHD brain has trouble regulating neurotransmitters like serotonin, which helps regulate your sleep cycle.

On Saturday 2nd March ADDults with ADHD is running the next of its popular ADHD AWARENESS AFTERNOON series about "ADHD and SLEEP".

Research  confirms that ADHD does not go away at night. It can cause restless nights. Even worse a long-term lack of sleep can affect your stress levels, frustration tolerance, ability to regulate emotions, focus and appetite.

If you or someone you care for wants to learn more about ADHD's impact on sleep, hurry, register and reserve your seat.

Don't miss guest speaker Dr Keith Johnson, Neuropsychiatrist who will be talking  about "all things sleep" - such as how lack of sleep affects adults and kids, the latest research, strategies and tips for improving your sleep and for waking up healthier.

FULL DETAILS (download the flyer) here. Share it with others!

TO REGISTER  and reserve your spot go to:

After the seminar mix, chat & meet new people over tea & coffee. ADHD handout information WILL BE FREELY available. Good ADHD publications + resources will be on sale.

$5 minimum donation on the day is appreciated, to cover venue/food costs.


ADDults with ADHD is a not for profit charity dedicated to improving the lives of adults dealing with ADHD in themselves, their family, their friends and their clients.

For over 20 years it has run quarterly ADHD Awareness Afternoons, on practical topics, led by great speakers and giving you the chance to meet and chat with others who live with ADHD, their family or friends

Get Prepared: Strategies for a Stimulating Christmas!

Christmas time can be exciting and enjoyable as well as overwhelming and frustrating for people with ADHD. The holidays hit just about every ADHD stress point: remembering dates, organising presents, getting to gatherings on time, keeping up with family news, mixing with in-laws and managing your symptoms to name a few!

On Saturday, 8 December, our last Awareness Afternoon for 2018 gives you an opportunity to get prepared. Everyone is invited to enjoy an afternoon of strategies that will lead to a Christmas you won’t forget.

Attendees will hear popular Australian ADHD expert Dr Caroline Stevenson discuss ADHD strengths/weaknesses and how we can use the strengths to make Christmas stimulating and how to make the weaknesses invisible.

The event is being held at St Barnabas Centre, 57-61 Mountain St, Ultimo near Broadway in Sydney starting at 2.00pm. A small $5 donation is appreciated on the day to help cover running costs. After the event attendees can enjoy some Christmas fare including tea/coffee and the chance to meet and mix with others.

If you would like to attend REGISTER at before the date to help us with catering.

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