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The conference was a great success with some really good feedback.  Firstly, everyone loved the new venue and, of course, lunch in the hotel dining room. Then we had many comments such as: Both “Too much time was allowed for questions” and “Can more time be allowed for questions.”;

“The conference starts too early.”; “Information overload from too many speakers”; ”Does every speaker have to start by telling us what ADHD is - we already know that”. Most popular topic suggestions for next year were Clutter & Hoarding, and the topic of Sleep.

The Annual Conference is a major fundraiser, and we would like to thank our speakers for their support in giving their day freely, the hotel who reduced the fee considerably for us, the sponsors who assisted with the costs, and Guy Stein whose family Winery donated a box of wines for our raffle.

I am sure you will all be pleased to know our final speaker for the day, Helen Tsamoulos, gave birth to a dear little baby girl just two weeks after conference.