ADHD Hip Hop - Dseeva - Imagine That - A Good News Story

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ADHD Hip Hop - Dseeva - Imagine That"Jack has ADHD and is on medication. As his psychologist I really struggled to help him get organized, but he had this really strong interest in Hip Hop - so he agreed to write a song.

All his earlier songs are angry and aggressive and this is a real turn around piece of music for him. We agreed in session to apply for a grant aimed at people with mental health problems and he was successful. Part of the grant was for sessions with me, focussed on really trying to get him organised.

Jack now goes to bed regularly and is taking his medication. He has stopped using drugs.

This is a really good ADHD story."
Dr. Caroline Stevenson, Clinical Psychologist. 

Open the link, listen and follow the words. If you enjoy the song, download it - $1.00 from each download goes to the new national body ADHD AUSTRALIA.