POSTPONED: ADHD Awareness Afternoon

Topic 'The Underlying Nature of ADHD'

WHEN: Saturday 4th April, 2020 POSTPONED

ADHD is often misunderstood. Prevalent in the community are many simple stereotypes such as "ADHD means you're impulsive" or "ADHD means you can't focus" or "ADHD means you're hyperactive" and more. 

It has been said that knowing one person with ADHD means you only know one presentation (type) of the condition. This diversity of ADHD leads some people to dismiss its existence because it can't be neatly pinned down; for others the diversity leads them to see ADHD in any or everyone. Neither of these responses help ensure that people with ADHD are appropriately acknowledged and included in society.

With this in mind, using the latest understandings about ADHD, guest speaker JENNIFER COYNE-O-BRIEN - a qualified and experienced ADHD Coach (also living with ADHD) and volunteer on our ADHD CENTRE HELPLINE - will explore the underlying nature of ADHD and how it leads to the range of ADHD profiles in the community.

The event will be held on SATURDAY 4th APRIL, 2020 starting 2pm. Its aim is to help individuals better understand their experience and also raise the quality of ADHD Awareness in the community. 


Handout information will be FREELY available! Publications & resources will be on sale! Join us after for nibbles/drinks/meet & a chat! 


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