ADHD Friendly World Survey

Can you help ADDults with ADHD create a more ADHD Friendly World?

I am inviting you and other members of ADDults with ADHD to trial an important survey that will assist the Committee of Management plan future activities and advocacy. The results of this survey will help develop the survey for a wider group of supporters.

Over the past 25 years ADDults with ADHD has been serving members of our ADHD community. Our vision is "a community that fully supports,  understands and accommodates ADHD". 

To help pursue that vision, ADDults with ADHD, has compiled a survey in order to:

  • understand the struggles that people with ADHD have to deal with in society
  • learn more about what society can implement in these different and difficult areas in order to make the world a more ADHD friendly place.

All information collected in this survey is confidential and participation is anonymous. By taking part in the survey, you give your consent for us to collect and use your answers for research.

Please click the link below if you wish to continue onto the survey
Thank you for your support!




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