Books for Sale

Books For Sale

Under its ADHD Centre brand, ADDults with ADHD publishes a range of exclusive books that explore life with ADHD. These books will provide you with trusted information, tips and strategies about managing the impacts of the condition.

ADDults with ADHD compiles and edits these books so that the cost is kept low. The books are presented in an easy to read style.

Our books provide an important source of funds for the organisation as well as very good value for purchasers.

The books can be ordered and purchased online or you can download the order form, complete it and return it by email, fax or post to the ADHD Centre office.

Voices of Adults with ADHD

The latest book from ADDults with ADHD is called "Voices of Adults with ADHD".

"This is a book that will at times make you laugh, and at other times move you to tears. It represents the voices – often unheard – of people with ADHD and their families.

All parts of the ADHD journey are discussed, from first diagnosis, to educational challenges, to relationship issues, coping with addictions, and more. The book can be read in snippets or from beginning to end. However you choose to read it, I can guarantee that it will improve your understanding of ADHD."
Dr Caroline Stevenson,
B.Sc(Hons), M.Psych, PhD

Price: $25.00 + P&H

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Adult ADHD: How to Beat it With or Without Medication

By Dr Caroline Stevenson

A complete guide for adults with ADHD, offering detailed methods and practical strategies for improving performance.


Price: $25.00 + P&H

Wired To Play: The Metacognitive Athlete

By Gayelene Clews

"WIRED TO PLAY: The Metacognitive Athlete" is an excellent publication. Well written, well researched and well referenced. Chapter 4 - "ADHD - differently gifted" is a must read for those working in the field of ADHD, particularly sporting coaches of both children and adults. As quoted by Robert de Castella "Thank goodness half the world are hyperactive or nothing would get done." Joy Toll OAM President

Price: $49.99 + P&H

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