ADHD involves serious issues but strategies for turning symptoms into strengths exist.

ADDults with ADHD proudly announces the ADHD Annual Conference on Saturday, 20th October, 2018.

Some good reasons to attend.  

    • Learn ways to create a better ADHD life
    • Get tips from leading Australian ADHD experts
    • Discover ways to improve your relationships
    • Deepen your understanding of ADHD
    • Gather ideas or strategies for managing

The conference provides exceptional value! It includes access to trusted ADHD self-help resources plus the chance to hear Australian ADHD experts such as ... 

EDWINA BIRCH, Clinical Psycholgist. Topic: What the public and government need to know about ADHD

DR KEITH CHEE, Consultant Psychiatrist. Topic: ADHD Medications Demystified

ALISON POULTON, Senior Lecturer, Sydney Medical School Nepean. Topic:Why does my partner with ADHD have to be so difficult?

CAROL MARTYN, Organising Coach. Topic: What is the difference between Messy and Hoarding?

DR JEROEN DECARTES, Clinical Psychologist. Topic: Aspergers  and ADHD

DR AMANDA MULLIN, Clinical Psychologist. Topic: Emotional Regulation and ADHD"

Explore free ADHD self-help handouts about key ADHD challenges. Buy essential ADHD self-help resources.

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