Internet Use and Abuse

From an ADHD Awareness Afternoon Talk given by Dr Caroline Stevenson on 20 June 2015

What is the connection between ADHD and technology?

People with ADHD have trouble with boredom, so the internet provides lots of easy options.

  • Technology has provided smart phones, IPads, laptops, games, desktop computers and IWatch.
  • This technology services web browsing and searching, email, chatrooms, forums, social networking (My Space, Facebook), Snapchat (photo exchange), messaging, and Games (World of Warcraft etc). When you combine the many services together, the brain gets lots of stimulation and instant hits of dopamine just by the click of a Sending tweets, searching forums and buying on eBay. Thus everything else (school, chores, cleaning, work ) seems boring by contrast.

How do you know if someone has internet addiction?

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The Original Presentation Slides

Here is the original presentation slides from Dr Caroline Stevenson on Internet Use and Abuse (xps format)

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