ADHD and Driving Study Needs Participants

Participation in this study will contribute to the evidence regarding ways for improving the driving skills of young drivers with ADHD. To date recruitment has been disappointingly slow in Victoria. However whilst the study is based in Melbourne it is funded to collect data from interstate as well.

The study is funded by La Trobe University and has received ethical approval from La Trobe University Ethics Committee, reference number: HEC12-092 and Department of Education and Early Childhood Development ethics: reference number 2012_001761.

Chris Bruce, Lecturer and Occupational Therapy Driver Assessor, at La Trobe University's Department of Occupational Therapy says, "please can you help us by telling families/ patients about the study. If there is a quiet space at your practice I would be happy to set up my equipment (laptop, speakers, reaction timer).  The

intervention takes about 60 mins.  Participants in the control group watch a documentary.  Participants receive a $50 gift voucher as a thank you."

"I suspect that the trip out to La Trobe might be a barrier to participation." he continues. "Therefore making participation more convenient by conducting the study in medical centres and clinics might be the solution to our recruitment problems.  Alternatively we have a permanent laboratory set up at La Trobe University and can arrange free parking.  We have posters and flyers advertising the study and we would be very happy to post or bring these to your clinic."

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