Apps for ADHD Minds

An interesting article from ADDitude Mag: Use the power of these smartphone apps to manage ADHD symptoms ranging from distractibility and disorganization to poor sleep and overflowing creativity. More Focus, Less Distraction

1. RescueTime (; PC, Mac, Android; free to Premium ( $9 per month), depending on the version) A free version, will allow you to see how you spend your time on your computer.

If you're looking for ways to save time, you need to know how you're spending it.  We all need to improve our awareness of time. There is a difference in how long you think you spent doing something and how long you actually spent. While it runs in the background, the Rescue Time app quietly tracks all of your activities. You might be surprised to realize that you looked at cat videos for two hours. It allows you to rate each activity from "Very Distracting" to "Very Productive." You set goals and track your progress.

In the Premium version,you can limit your time on certain websites based on your day's goals. If you want to be on Facebook for only 30 minutes a day, it will block Facebook after half an hour.

2. Focus@Will (; iOS, Android, Web; free 30-day trial, then $5.99/month)

Designed to increase your focus and attention, Focus@Will uses specially engineered audio in which frequencies similar to the human voice are removed. Why? We are wired to pay attention to them, and they distract us. Focus@Will even has a channel called "ADHD Type 1.

3. Freedom(; Mac, PC, Android; $10; $20 bundled with Anti-Social) Freedom sets up a weekly schedule. You highlight the times and days you want it to work, and Freedom will block you from the Internet during those times. The only way to sidestep Freedom is by resetting your computer. 

4. Anti-Social(; Mac and PC; $15; $20 bundled with Freedom) Like Freedom, Anti-Social blocks you from the Web, but only the social parts. You tell the program which sites you want to "whitelist" (include) or "blacklist" (exclude). If you need to write a research paper, you can access sites that you need to do research while blocking everything else. No Facebook, no Twitter, no Instagram, and no Pinterest. Anti-Social will even block incoming e-mails.

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