Laundry & ADHD: A Fairy Tale

Once upon a time in the far away land of Chicago was a girl who had ADHD. She realised she was running a bit low on jeans for work and contemplated washing all the clothes that had begun piling up in various locales around her apartment. You know, the living room on the side of the couch, the hall outside the bathroom and underneath the bed are all great substitutes for a hamper, which the ADHD girl did not own.

But then she was distracted by more important things like catching up on Game of Thrones. One bloodbath of a wedding and three hours later, she realized it was time for bed.

In the morning, after ignoring her last 15 alarms and after getting ready, in a rush of course, for work, she realized she never did laundry. Tonight, she thought to herself. Well this went on for another two weeks. When she started running low on other more important garments, she would find substitutes such as spanks or a bathing suit bottom. Man are the spanks good for self-esteem!

When the pants ran out, Kmart trips were made for new clothes. 15 minute shopping spree or a 3 hour trip to the laundry mat? It's now 4 or 5 weeks since she last did laundry. The floor is completely covered in her bedroom and she has added yet another 3 tank tops, 1 pair of jeans, one bra and 2 tees to her wardrobe. This is how she's able to go so long without doing laundry.

It's time. It has to be done or it will never be done. She isn't even sure how long it's been. She loads up 6 huge reusable Ikea bags, yes 6, with countless shirts, pants, two sets of sheets, 4 blankets, tons of underwear, bras, towels and tanks and loads the car. There is no way she can walk this all to the laundry mat.

She gets all the bags inside the laundry mat and in her attempts at being productive, realises she forgot her detergent and dryer sheets and has to buy them for three times the price from the mat. In everything goes.

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