Is there a link between ADHD and Impulsive Eating Patterns?


Anyone can develop impulse eating habits but those with ADHD may have a particular tendency to struggle in this area for the following reasons:

  1. Individuals with ADHD often struggle with organisation and planning which can impact a number of areas in their life one being the planning around meal preparation. This can lead to unhealthy eating on the run or binge eating after missing meal times through the day if they have been distracted with other activities.

  1. Issues with regulating emotions such as anger, stress and sadness etc. is commonly experienced by folks with ADHD which can lead to patterns of over-eating as a way to temporarily soothe or shift these feelings.

  1. Individuals with ADHD often need higher levels of stimulation to feel a sense of emotional equilibrium and when under-stimulated can feel irritable and restless. In these moments turning to food can provide a private and readily available means to change how they feel which can involve binge eating or eating unhealthy snacks ‘on the go’ (

The good news is there are many strategies that you can apply in your life to build awareness of triggers for impulsive eating and successful skills to develop healthy and mindful eating patterns.

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