Ten Tips for Getting Organised Today


Living with ADHD often means experiencing difficulty with organisation in different areas of your life. Below are some tips that you may find helpful:

1) Make a weekly table with a brief to do list for each day.

Having tasks written down in a clear format for each day of the week can help you remember what you need to do and serves as a visual reminder. Breaking daily tasks into achievable goals can also help you gain a sense of accomplishment when each one has been completed.

2) Set time-limits around behaviours were you hyper-focus or feel you waste time. 

For example, if you spend an excessive amount of  time surfing the web it can be helpful to set time-limits around this behaviour and perhaps schedule these activities as a reward (with suitable time-limits) after you have completed you daily tasks.

3) Join an ADHD support group or ring a support line.

Helplines can offer ideas and support around organisational issues and other areas related to living with ADHD. Support groups are helpful to normalise any struggles you may be having, provide an opportunity to learn from others and maintain motivation around your goals.

ADDults with ADHD have a telephone helpline (02) 9889 5977 Tues, Wed & Thur 10.30 – 4pm
For information about support groups go to http://www.everydaywithadhd.com.au/adhd-support-groups.html

4) Have a system to de-clutter regularly

Allocate a drawer, bag or box where you can regularly put unused or insignificant items that you think could be recycled or thrown away. This way these items are categorised neatly until the container they are in is full. You can repeat the process as needed.

5) Get a de-cluttering buddy

Ask a non-judgemental family member or friend to help you do a big de-clutter a few times a year. Your helper can assist you to put stuff into categories e.g. recycle or throw away & keep you on track around a suitable time-frame to get the task started and completed.

6) Help to get out the door organised

Create a special area near the front door were you can keep all the essential items that you usually need when you go out e.g. keys, wallet, umbrella and coats. Make sure you place these items in your special area each time you return home so you stay organised and save time when you need to head out the door.

7) Start on one project at a time

Having too many tasks to do at the same time can be overwhelming for folks with ADHD, especially when it comes to tackling big tasks. It can be helpful to do one task at a time and break it into smaller goals within a set time-limit. This way they can feel more manageable and achievable.

8) Create a simple filing system

For important documents like bills, phone messages, medical appointments and tax receipts it can be helpful to get an inexpensive filing document were you can label or colour code each sleeve so items can be categorised and easily accessed. Another idea is to label one folder for time-sensitive documents or ones that you need to respond to within 24 - 48hrs.

9) Use electronic reminders

On computers and smart phones you can set up event alerts to remind you of upcoming appointments or tasks that need to be completed. Online calendars may also be helpful and information can be easily edited as needed.

10) Reward yourself for sticking to your goals

To help keep you on track, reward yourself with a healthy, affordable and relaxing experience such as a meal out for every week or fortnight that you achieve you organisational goals. If you get ‘off track’ be compassionate with yourself and try to get back into the good habits that you started as soon as possible.

These tips were sourced and adapted from an ADDitude Strategies and Support for ADHD & LD
article titled 33 ADHD – Tested Ways to Get Organised

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