Is there an upside to ADHD?

Is there an upside to ADHD?

Individuals with ADHD often experience daily issues with hyperactivity, inattention and impulsivity as part of their condition. This can bring ongoing challenges in the workplace, at home and in social settings.

Despite these challenges, people often report that there is an
upside to having ADHD and that the unique characteristics of the condition can be harnessed to help them in a variety of settings.

In fact there are notable musicians, actors, athletes and scholars who have ADHD illustrating the point that successful careers can be experienced despite the condition.
Here is a list of strengths that people with ADHD have noted:

Energetic: when channelled into an activity you love such as a sport this excess energy can be used to advantage

Creativity: Living with ADHD can bring with it different perspectives on situations which can lead to inventiveness and an artistic eye.

Hyperfocus: Despite inattentiveness being a key characteristic of ADHD individuals with this condition can indeed focus very intently on a task or activity that greatly interests them. People can be very successful in their careers when their attention is channelled to complete projects that require sustained focus.

Spontaneity: Acting on impulse isn't always problematic, in fact when used in a healthy way this energy can lead to wonderful experiences such as taking an unplanned weekend trip. This spontaneity can also energise relationships.

What ADHD qualities can you celebrate?

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