Heston Blumenthal Discusses His ADHD and How He Wouldn't Change It For The World


HESTON Blumenthal is one of the world’s most acclaimed chefs.The fifty-year old was also recently diagnosed with ADHD but says that although he thinks that makes him difficult to live and work with, he wouldn’t change things. 

“When people say you have ADHD, they think you’re throwing things around. But it’s not: it’s that one thought comes in and knocks another one out temporarily. When I’m working, it’s fantastic: I can have 20 webpages open, with two projects, and keep joining the dots and making connections. 

“Kids with ADHD tend to be put in the special-needs category, and they’re stigmatised,” Blumenthal says. 

“We don’t need to learn to be creative,” the chef says. “We need to learn to remove the straitjacket of fear. Of fear of failure. And then creativity happens.

“The most important thing that anyone could do is just be aware of your emotions, and then they become feelings.”

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Source: tes Global

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