Something more interesting?

I found a meme in Pinterest that captured my attention and then as my mind does linked me to two other articles about ADHD (amazingly not "the history of socks").

One article explores how ADHD minds are different. Like the meme says we are often driven by what interests us (ADDitude Magazine Secrets of Your ADHD Brain) which means we often head off on detours and some of the important stuff of life takes a lot longer to get done.

Did you follow the link to ADDitude? At least 50% of the time I would have and never got back to read this comment and the rest of the article!  Sigh!

Then my brain lept to another recent article I saw on strategies to get things done. I sometimes think it is one of my regular distractions (or procrastinations) to try and find better tools and systems for being better organised and getting things done. It's from the Healthline site and its a personal experience of ADHD.

Maybe it has an idea that works for you. (7 ADHD -inspired Hacks for Better Concentration)

Ray Steele

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