When life feels like a struggle or things go wrong low mood can begin to take hold.  Ways that we recognise low mood include feeling down, flat or tearful. Being easily frustrated, feeling irritable, concentration problems, appetite or sleep problems are also signs of low mood. 

“People with ADHD feel everything more vividly. When it comes to passion, joy, and curiosity, this is a good thing. When it comes to rejection, overwhelm, and anger, powerful emotions can be debilitating.” says Dr Ed Halliwell M.D. psychiatrist and world-renowned ADHD authority  

 ADDults with ADHD’s next ADHD Awareness Afternoon on SATURDAY 1st JUNE features Dr AMANDA MULLIN, Clinical Psychologist and Director of Mindworx Psychology talking about “BEATING LOW MOOD WHEN YOU HAVE ADHD”. 

Register your seat now. Attendees will learn strategies to build resilience, and to recognise and manage their mood during tough times.

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After the seminar mix, chat & meet new people over tea & coffee. ADHD handout information WILL BE FREELY available. Good ADHD publications + resources will be on sale.

Donation on the day is appreciated, to cover venue and catering costs.


ADDults with ADHD is a not for profit charity dedicated to improving the lives of adults dealing with ADHD in themselves, their family, their friends and their clients.

For over 20 years it has run quarterly ADHD Awareness Afternoons, on practical topics, led by great speakers and giving you the chance to meet and chat with others who live with ADHD, their family or friends. 

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