Worry, Sadness and ADHD

What is the relationship between Anxiety, Depression and ADHD? What are the treatments available?

Many report that often people with ADHD have other co-existing mental health problems, commonly anxiety and depression.

Dr. Terry Lim, Consultant Psychiatrist will be a speaker at the upcoming Adult ADHD Conference on Saturday 17 October 2015. His talk will explore the relationship between anxiety, depression and ADHD as well as what treatment is available. Dr Lim will also talk about how to recognise the difference between these conditions as well as how they affect one another.

Dr Terry Lim is a Consultant Psychiatrist who manages clients over the age of 18. He is interested in managing a wide range of conditions including adult ADHD, psychosis and mood and anxiety disorders and has a special interest in managing clients with co-existing mental and physical illness. He is a staff specialist at Hornsby Hospital and consults at The Hills Clinic, Hornsby and Kellyville, the Sydney Adventist Hospital in Wahroonga and is a Clinical lecturer at the university of Sydney involved in teaching trainee psychiatrists and medical students.

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