Another Successful Speaker Event: Holiday Survival Tips & Strategies


Saturday 8 December saw people from many backgrounds take away  useful tips and strategies for surviving and enjoying the Christmas holidays. 

If you have ADHD, Christmas and New Year can be exciting ... also overwhelming and frustrating. The holidays hits a large number of ADHD stress points like: remembering dates, organising presents, getting to gatherings on time, keeping up with family news, mixing with in-laws and managing your symptoms.

Popular Australian ADHD expert, Dr Caroline Stevenson, talked about ADHD strengths/weaknesses, how to use the strengths, and importantly, how to make our weaknesses invisible.

Following the talk Caroline kindly gave generously of her time answering additional questions from participants. During the afternoon attendees also made good use of information and the free, evidence-based, ADHD self-help resources on display.

For 22 years ADDults with ADHD has run quarterly ADHD Awareness Afternoons with practical topics led by great speakers that provide a chance to meet and chat with others over tea and coffee. ADDults with ADHD is a volunteer run, not for profit charity, dedicated to supporting ADHD adults, families, carers and the wider community.

There will be a new series of ADHD Awareness Afternoons in the new year starting on 2 March 2019 and ADDults with ADHD invites everyone to attend. 

For more information monitor the EVENTS tab on this site.

All the best over the Holiday Season!

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