Popular Coach Lou Brown Doing an Interactive Workshop for Adults in Sydney

Having ADHD might come with some challenges, but they don't have to get in the way of living a full and rewarding life. Gaining a deeper knowledge and understanding of how your personal ADHD works is very important.

Popular ADHD Coach, Consultant, Educator, Advocate and author Lou Brown believes that we should forget just surviving with ADHD, that everyone deserves to thrive. 

On Sunday, 10th February, the ADHD Foundation have joined with Lou Brown to run a unique interactive workshop in Sydney called "Perfectly Imperfect Me: Thriving With Adult ADHD".  There will only be one seminar for adults.

Bookings will need to made very soon because places are limited and tickets are well and truly on sale.  

For full details including the Where, When and Cost go through these two links. 



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