ADHD and Me - Rory Bremner

Rory Bremner ADHD and Me

British political satirist Rory Bremner's quest to discover whether or not he has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) makes excellent viewing.

Bremner is one of the UK’s most famous impressionists and political comedians. His incisive TV shows have won many awards in the UK including four Baftas, three Royal Television Awards and two British Comedy Awards.

His most recent appearance though, on a BBC2 documentary that aired on SBS Viceland, is one you shouldn’t miss! It is an excellent documentary about his life, ADHD symptoms, getting the information and the pathway to diagnosis.

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New Report Highlights NDIS Gaps for People With Severe Mental Illness

A new report has warned that the transition to the National Disability Insurance Scheme will leave many people with psychosocial disability without appropriate mental health support.

The Mind the Gap report, compiled by the University of Sydney and Community Mental Health Australia, details the experiences of consumers, providers and advocacy groups in the mental health sector.

The National Insurance Disability Agency (NDIA) has estimated the full roll out of the scheme in 2019-20 will support only 64,000 people with primary psychosocial disability. The report estimates that there are 690,000 Australians living with severe mental health issues.

This means up to 91 per cent of people with severe mental illness would have to rely on non-NDIS community mental health services to support them.

Read more about the report here (Pro Bono Australia)

Heston Blumenthal Discusses His ADHD and How He Wouldn't Change It For The World


HESTON Blumenthal is one of the world’s most acclaimed chefs.The fifty-year old was also recently diagnosed with ADHD but says that although he thinks that makes him difficult to live and work with, he wouldn’t change things. 

“When people say you have ADHD, they think you’re throwing things around. But it’s not: it’s that one thought comes in and knocks another one out temporarily. When I’m working, it’s fantastic: I can have 20 webpages open, with two projects, and keep joining the dots and making connections. 

“Kids with ADHD tend to be put in the special-needs category, and they’re stigmatised,” Blumenthal says. 

“We don’t need to learn to be creative,” the chef says. “We need to learn to remove the straitjacket of fear. Of fear of failure. And then creativity happens.

“The most important thing that anyone could do is just be aware of your emotions, and then they become feelings.”

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Unique Insights at End Of Year Awareness Afternoon

On Saturday 2 December, an appreciative group of people from a variety of backgrounds experienced the ups and downs of ADHD from a unique perspective. 

Organised by ADDults with ADHD, the ADHD Awareness Afternoon's theme was "Living With Adult ADHD". Special guest speaker, Ross Leonard, Forensic Psychologist and experienced psychologist with extensive training both nationally and internationally, was diagnosed with ADHD later in life himself. 

Dr Leonard is a popular speaker with ADDult with ADHD members. Attendees at the  event found him happy to share his thoughts and ideas on the 'ups and downs' of living with ADHD. He was most gracious and devoted much time to questions from the audience.

This was the last event for 2017. After the talk, attendees were treated to some pre-Christmas fare and Dr Leonard answered further questions over tea and coffee.

ADDults with ADHD is a volunteer run, not for profit charity dedicated to supporting adults and families living with the challenges of ADHD. Due to increasing demand, they have been running these popular ADHD Awareness Afternoons quarterly for more than 21 years. 

Awareness Afternoons showcase practical topics led by authoritative speakers. They also provide free self-help information and create chances for attendees (people with ADHD, carers, health professionals etc) to connect with others over tea and coffee.

There will be new Awareness Afternoons scheduled for 2018 and ADDults with ADHD invites everyone to attend. 

For more information monitor the EVENTS tab on this site.

1st 2018 ADHD Social Meetup Meets Growing Need

To say that a lunch with 12 like-minded men and women with ADHD, stimulated new ideas and fun, would be a big understatement.

On January 21, The Sydney ADHD Meetup Group ran its first activity for 2018, called Start Your Year Well! 2018's First Meetup + Lunch + Spectacular Views! 

The afternoon was held at the Bangkok Sidewalk Thai Restaurant in Milson's Point and boasted spectacular harbor views. For most of the guests it was their first Meetup but this was no problem. The atmosphere was friendly. Attendees quickly found interest in each other’s ‘back stories’ , immersing themselves in each others experiences. ADHD Information, ideas and tips were also exchanged. Click here for details + all pics from day.

“I just look around at that group photo and am amazed at the creativity and brains that surround the table! I think we could even do some sort of project and have it exhibited” said one attendee

Others praised the fact that “... it was the first time I was able to discuss my ADHD socially, with others who are not judgmental.” 

These popular activities will be run across 2018. Their aim is to provide people with ADHD a good place to relax, mix and discuss their experiences. 

The meetup group invites all adults who have ADHD to register on their website  (free) and see what its all about. 

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