Eighty Years Old with ADHD? Frequently, Yes.

Alison Wilkinson - Second Nexus


We live in a population increasingly concerned about dementia and Alzheimer’s as our loved ones age. Forgetfulness, lack of short-term memory, inability to stay focused – any of these symptoms may lead doctors and family members to fear the worst. But for many seniors, these symptoms may have another cause, and one that is readily treatable: ADHD. 

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Hoarding - due to poor trust in your memory?

Clutter and Hoarding were popular presentations during 2016.

Some of you might be able to relate to the following thoughts. Substitute the word "object" for any items that matter to you - newspapers, books, bills, bags, keys: “my memory is so bad I have to leave this object in sight or I’ll forget about it”, “saving this object means I don't have to rely on my memory”, and “if I put this object into a filing system, I will forget about it".

Research published recently proposes that hoarding and clutter may be related to poor memory confidence which is sometimes associated with the inattentive subtype of ADHD.


ADHD Hip Hop - Dseeva - Imagine That - A Good News Story

ADHD Hip Hop - Dseeva - Imagine That"Jack has ADHD and is on medication. As his psychologist I really struggled to help him get organized, but he had this really strong interest in Hip Hop - so he agreed to write a song.

All his earlier songs are angry and aggressive and this is a real turn around piece of music for him. We agreed in session to apply for a grant aimed at people with mental health problems and he was successful. Part of the grant was for sessions with me, focussed on really trying to get him organised.

Jack now goes to bed regularly and is taking his medication. He has stopped using drugs.

This is a really good ADHD story."
Dr. Caroline Stevenson, Clinical Psychologist. 

Open the link, listen and follow the words. If you enjoy the song, download it - $1.00 from each download goes to the new national body ADHD AUSTRALIA.   




Too Much of a Good Thing? - A Conversation About Hoarding

One persons trash may be another persons treasure, but how do you know if you have too much of a good thing? 

For many people ADHD and clutter go hand in hand.  Its easy enough to get caught up with too much stuff and too little organisation, particularly if you enjoy collecting things and have difficulty letting go.   In this session we will discuss the difference between disorganisation, collecting and hoarding. We will identify ways to assess whether the volume of clutter is getting out of hand and some strategies and resources to help you take the first steps towards a safer and more comfortable living environment.

Hear Linda Aitkin discuss Hoarding at the ADHD Annual Conference - Keeping up with ADHD on 17 October 2015.


Reducing Stigma by Putting a Face to ADHD


Speaking at the ADHD Annual Conference 2015 William Bonney, past Managing Director of the Black Dog Institute, investigates what can be done to reduce stigma surrounding ADHD drawing on decades of research and industry experience to successfully reduce stigma associated with depression.

There remains stigma associated with ADHD in the general population and the medical community. What impact does stigma have on those living with ADHD? What can be done to reduce stigma? What can we learn from other conditions that have reduced or overcome stigma in both the general population and the medical community?


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