Awareness Afternoon Venue Costs Rising

Sadly, TAFE venue costs have risen considerably for our Saturday Awareness Afternoons. As we found the staff at the Novotel so obliging, we have approached their management to consider sponsoring a meeting room for our quarterly Awareness Afternoons.


A National ADHD body – ADHD Australia

A small band of people from across Australia, including board members from ADDults with ADHD, have been working on creating a national body for ADHD. It has been a huge commitment from all concerned. 


2014 Annual Conference Success

The conference was a great success with some really good feedback.  Firstly, everyone loved the new venue and, of course, lunch in the hotel dining room. Then we had many comments such as: Both “Too much time was allowed for questions” and “Can more time be allowed for questions.”;


The Developing Brain and Childhood Trauma-June 14th 2013

The National Association for Loss and Grief will be presenting a workshop on how childhood traumas or experiences can hinder or alter brain development. The workshop will commence at 9am on June 14th in Newcastle. This workshop will explain how our brains develop from childhood and how experiences, environment and even relationships affect the nervous system, working memory, growth, and mental health. A great opportunity for those who work with children and families or parents who want to understand more about brain developmenet. For more info or to register please vist the NALAG website or view the online flyer.

Achieving Effective Outcomes: Language, Learning & Literacy" 12 & 13 September 2013

CHERI will be hosting a two day conference to address successful strategies for language and literacy skills development. The conference will include a variety of guest speakers who are at the top of their fields. Attendees have the choice to attend just one or both days of the conference. For more info please visit:

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