Diet and Weight Management Strategies for Adults with ADHD

Losing weight is never easy, but for adults with ADHD it can be particularly difficult to shed those extra kilograms. Kathleen G. Nadeau (Ph.D.), writing for ADDvance, believes the reason for this is that “many diet plans are very ADHD-unfriendly”.


Pets and ADHD

Having pets in your life when you have ADHD is very beneficial not only in reducing unwanted ADHD symptoms, but also for your overall physical health and happiness. While you may be thinking, “but I can barely take care of myself, let alone another living creature,” it has been my experience that adults with ADHD make fabulous pet owners. While they may struggle with the stresses of life, their pet’s health is never compromised. Far from it.

Here are five reasons why having a pet is good for you if you have ADHD:



Health Canada : "The benefits of medication outweigh the risks"

Health Canada, according to a recent article by The Star, has issued “stronger, clearer” warnings about the suicide risks linked to a wider range of ADHD medication. This was motivated by the regulator’s reviewing of reports, filed to the Canadian federal government by doctors, nurses, patients and drug companies, which outlined the suspected side-effects of the medication. These involved, “thoughts of suicide, suicide attempts, and in a very small number of cases, completed suicide”, which showed up during different stages of the treatment, particularly at the start, during dose changes, or when drug treatment was stopped.


World ADHD Congress Bid

Murdoch Childrens Research Institute in Melbourne, has put in a bid for the 2019 World Congress on ADHD to be held in Australia, with Melbourne the host city.

The 5th World congress in Glasgow is in May this year, when the bid will be announced.

Both ADDults with ADHD and ADHD Australia wrote letters in support of the bid.

This year the World Congress on ADHD is being held in Glasgow, Scotland from May 28 - 31, 2015.

ADHD and Driving Study Needs Participants

Participation in this study will contribute to the evidence regarding ways for improving the driving skills of young drivers with ADHD. To date recruitment has been disappointingly slow in Victoria. However whilst the study is based in Melbourne it is funded to collect data from interstate as well.


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