Book on Understanding Your ADHD Brain

Ari Tuckman - Understanding Your Brain“Understand Your Brain, Get More Done” – the ADHD Executive Functions Workbook.  By Ari Tuckman, PsyD, MBA. Another excellent book by Dr. Ari Tuckman, and a practical companion workbook to his best -selling book “More Attention, Less Deficit:  Success Strategies for Adults with ADHD.” 


ADHD Medication Saves Lives – ‘Medical News Today’

New Research - ADHD Medication Saves Lives – ‘Medical News Today’

ADHD medication saves lives on the road:

Generic version of Concerta found not therapeutically equivalent

Mental Health Commission of NSW

The Mental Health Commission of NSW have drafted a paper to allow them to hear people’s own experiences, give them a voice, and give them the opportunity to contribute to the discussions that shape decisions about medications under mental health -  this includes ADHD and coexisting conditions.


Disability Support Survey

If you are on Disability Support, you will have received a Survey from the Department of Employment which looks at the assistance you have received from the various Disability Employment Service organisations. Whether you have ADHD, or a dual diagnosis eg. ADHD and depression, or ADHD and BiPolar etc, it’s important that you fill out this survey. 


Awareness Afternoon Venue Costs Rising

Sadly, TAFE venue costs have risen considerably for our Saturday Awareness Afternoons. As we found the staff at the Novotel so obliging, we have approached their management to consider sponsoring a meeting room for our quarterly Awareness Afternoons.


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