Reducing Stigma by Putting a Face to ADHD


Speaking at the ADHD Annual Conference 2015 William Bonney, past Managing Director of the Black Dog Institute, investigates what can be done to reduce stigma surrounding ADHD drawing on decades of research and industry experience to successfully reduce stigma associated with depression.

There remains stigma associated with ADHD in the general population and the medical community. What impact does stigma have on those living with ADHD? What can be done to reduce stigma? What can we learn from other conditions that have reduced or overcome stigma in both the general population and the medical community?


Sleep and ADHD

For too long we have underestimated the impact that a good night’s sleep has on wellbeing, behaviour and learning. Sleep deprivation has almost become an epidemic, particularly with our obsession with phones, iPads and computers, and can become a risk factor in the development of depression and anxiety.

Dr. Hugh Morgan will talk at the ADHD Annual Conference - Keeping Up with ADHD on 17 October 2015 - from a clinical point of view on these aspects, including sleep physiology, ADHD and its relationship with sleep disorders, how to optimise sleep (and ADHD treatment, and when to consider sleep assessment.


AD/HD and Anger: How to break the cycle


"People with AD/HD are susceptible to high levels of anger and aggression. The core symptoms of AD/HD are frustrating to live with and tiring to manage. These factors make AD/HD a challenge for families to cope with. In this session, the relationship between AD/HD and anger will be outlined. Strategies for identifying build up of tension and overload, and preventing temper outbursts will be presented."

ADHD Annual Conference 2015Hear Caroline Stevenson PhD discuss AD/HD and Anger at the upcoming ADHD Annual Conference.


Worry, Sadness and ADHD

What is the relationship between Anxiety, Depression and ADHD? What are the treatments available?

Many report that often people with ADHD have other co-existing mental health problems, commonly anxiety and depression.

Dr. Terry Lim, Consultant Psychiatrist will be a speaker at the upcoming Adult ADHD Conference on Saturday 17 October 2015. His talk will explore the relationship between anxiety, depression and ADHD as well as what treatment is available. Dr Lim will also talk about how to recognise the difference between these conditions as well as how they affect one another.


Blue Light Emissions Linked to Early AMD

A New Zealand optometrist has warned that the ‘blue light’ emitted from smart-phones, tablets and computers could be putting users at risk of early onset macular degeneration.


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